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Real prosperity. Lasting security. For communities near and far.

The principles of sustainability—security, prosperity, well-being, democracy—awaken us to consider why we educate.  If sustainability is the ultimate why, then Education for Sustainability (EfS) is the ultimate how.

Creative Change Educational Solutions (CCES) is a national leader in Education for Sustainability.  Based in southeast Michigan, CCES supports K20 leaders and institutions to make EfS the basis of policy and practice.  Our approach to curriculum transformation and leadership development places food systems, revitalization, and other sustainability issues at the center of innovation and reform. 

We believe that sustainability is not an add-on, but a vital context for improving and connecting student achievement, civic engagement, and community wellbeing.  We specialize in helping institutions transition to this new way of teaching and learning. Our systems approach embeds new practices into existing structures while developing leaders with the vision to shape new models.  Customized programs combine strategic planning, professional development, and curriculum licensing. By building institutional capacity for change, we create the conditions for lasting success.

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Every program offers multimedia curriculum resources and packages of professional development and support.

If you're ready to rethink curriculum and raise the bar on interdisciplinary content, critical thinking, democratic values, and community engagement, we're ready to help you lead the way. Founded in 1999 by a teacher and staffed by veteran educators and content experts, Creative Change is a nonprofit organization whose work is research-based and built on a foundation of democratic education and equity.

News and events

We're launching a new website later this spring, including a redesign of the Curriculum Resource Center.  Check out the new features--including a database of Common Core standards--by attending a live orientation webinar.  Click here for dates and registration information.

Instructional Videos

Our short videos give you the basics on sustainability and education, including clear strategies and resources for meeting Common Core standards through the lens of sustainable food systems, communities and more!  Find them on our Vimeo Channel.

Curriculum and Resource Center (CRC)

The CRC is our comprehensive, online collection of interdisciplinary resources used to support a variety of integration approaches for K20 sustainability education. It includes a rich portfolio of courses, units and instructional resources on a variety of sustainability topics. This deep and growing collection of multimedia materials, developed in-house by our experts and partners, supports educators to enhance existing lessons, redesign units, or create entirely new courses. Get a free guest pass and download samples.  | View a video tour | Read the latest subscriber newsletter.

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K-12 educators: Infuse sustainability into curriculum, courses and programs in classroom, after school, and vocational settings. PK-56-89-12

College educators: Reshape courses and teacher education programs.

Adult educators: Enhance informal or workforce education programs.

All educators: View programs by discipline.

Community and business leaders: Share your expertise with teachers and learners.

Parents and citizens: Become an advocate and bring Creative Change to your community.

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