Curriculum & Resource Center

The CRC is a subscription-based digital content library comprised of five resource collections for K20 educators:

1) A suite of fully-developed course modules

2) The Curriculum Explorer, a database of lessons aligned to standards

3) A collection of curriculum maps and frameworks

4) A suite of instructional design tools

5) A collection of curated external links

1) Course modules

The CRC offers a suite of sustainability courses for PK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 and higher ed. Courses are comprised of individual lessons and include digital student booklets, instructor’s guides, and multimedia support materials. Perfect for blended learning!  Sample titles: Diverse and Sustainable Communities, Brownfields Redevelopment, Food and Energy Systems, Electricity and the Carbon Footprint.

2) The Curriculum Explorer: Where standards and sustainability meet

The Curriculum Explorer is the CRC’s searchable database of K20 lessons. User-friendly search and view features enable you to create select materials by grade level, topic, discipline, concept, skills, and more. With just a few clicks, K12 users instantly align lessons with Common Core and Next Generation standards

3) Curriculum maps and frameworks

The CRC offers a collection of integration framework used to support curriculum mapping.

4) Instructional design tools

The CRC provides a complete toolkit using our Inquiry as Narrative approach to instructional design.

5) Curated external resources

The CRC provides hundreds of curated links to databases, articles, videos and more.

Who benefits from the CRC?

Supporting integration

With the CRC, integrating sustainability into the curriculum can take many forms: “makeovers” of existing units and courses, integration of specific lessons, and the creation of curriculum maps and frameworks to guide instruction at a broader, systems level. Whether you want to integrate a few lessons, redesign a unit, or create an entirely new courses, the CRC is your community for resources and support.

Subscribe to the CRC

  • Individual K12 or college educators: Purchase a license for individual classroom use for $149. Complete the application & pay via Paypal.  (A K12 or college email address is required.)
  • Contact us to schedule a tour or learn more about these licensing options:

    Site license: Individual schools or universities can join the CRC community with a site license.
    Enterprise license: Districts, charter networks, and universities can build a learning community across multiple sites.  This option provides unrestricted access and includes an enhanced benefit package with customized evaluation tools and support.
    Student license: This option provides short-term access to pre- and in-service teachers in teacher education courses.

Join the community

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Expertise + Experience

CRC materials have been developed in-house by our staff of educators and content experts, often in partnership with universities, governmental agencies and research institutes.  To maintain quality and relevance, Creative Change leads on-going field-testing and evaluations that drive revisions, with updated materials going into the CRC.

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