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Creative Change

Breaking new ground for educational transformation.

We help schools and universities become incubators for innovation. Our partners  range from K12 districts to Big Ten universities to the United Nations.

Learn about our consulting, curriculum, and professional development work.

Educate for
Global Solutions

When learning is real, students engage.

Sustainability improves achievement, engagement, and community wellbeing. We specialize in transitioning K20 institutions to this new way of teaching and learning. 

Learn why we need to educate for sustainability.

Learn more about our approach in this short video.

Invest in a
sustainable future

Education is the way to turn global challenges into opportunities.

Our collective future hinges on our ability to transform our educational systems. We're creating lasting change in K20 classrooms and teacher education programs.

Learn about our record of success and how to support our work.


success story

building a network

Creative Change has been awarded a grant to build a national network of ten+ K12 districts and teacher education programs that are using sustainability as platform for innovative, standards-based instruction. Through the grant, Creative Change will provide this cohort of sites with curriculum, planning, and professional development focused on strengthening the integration of sustainability. Read more news.

from brown to green

We're working with the Baker City School District on a project-based high school course focused on the redevelopment of a local brownfield (a polluted property). The course leads students through the same process engineers, scientists and policy makers use when working to revitalize brownfields.

Download an outline of the course from the guest pass area of the Curriculum Resource Center.

Powerful curriculum that connects.

Our Curriculum Resource Center delivers project-based lessons, course modules, and frameworks for K20 educators. Get the resources you need to enhance or design units, courses and programs. Aligned to Common Core standards.

Download samples today.


The purpose of education

Preparing students to live in a democracy has traditionally been a core purpose of schooling. But in the United States, this has been overshadowed by a paradigm of global competition. China and India loom as threats, and “making students competitive in the global economy” has displaced citizenship and problem solving as the purpose of schooling. In this mindset of scarcity, winning is only possible when others lose. And while a strong economy is vital, no one seems to ask, What kind of world will this economy be a part of?, or Will the environment—the basis of the economy—be able to support it? Read more...

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