Sustainable by Design Evaluation Results

Program background

"Sustainable by Design" (SBD) is Creative Change's program portfolio on life cycle analysis, materials science and green manufacturing. "Sustainable by Design" incorporates elements from our Ecological Footprint and Energy programs, and the overall portfolio reflects over seven years of program development, piloting and growth in collaboration with partners such as Redefining Progress, Eastern Michigan University, and schools in Michigan, New York and New Jersey.

In 2008, we provided in-depth professional development to 50 teachers in Michigan and New York, utilizing a revamped curriculum portfolio and teacher education module.

This section summarizes the results of this initiative. Click here to download the full report  (PDF).

Evaluation summary

Impacts on teachers

Sustainable by Design aimed to increase teachers' knowledge and comfort teaching about product life cycles as well as the links between the economy and the environment.

Evaluation highlights:

Teacher quotes about the program:

Impacts on students

The program aimed to increase students knowledge about life cycles and their awareness of consumer choices.


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